Online Gambling: Means of Entertainment or Fulfillment?

Online Gambling: Means of Entertainment or Fulfillment?

Online Gambling: Means of Entertainment or Fulfillment? Recently, online gambling has gone viral after it was revealed that several crimes were motivated by online gambling games.

For example, extortion carried out by someone with the initials SM against 12 women whose proceeds of crime were used as online gambling capital, until the false story of the Public Infrastructure and Facilities Management (PPSU) officer who said his THR disappeared, was robbed instead of admitting that it had been used for gambling. on line. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), gambling is a game using money or valuables as a bet. Furthermore, online gambling is a form of gambling game that is carried out by utilizing internet spaces. In Indonesia, gambling is one of the prohibited activities as stated in Article 303 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) which reads (1) With a maximum imprisonment of ten years or a maximum fine of twenty-five million rupiahs, whoever with no rights : 1e. demanding a livelihood by intentionally holding or giving an opportunity to play gambling, or deliberately interfering in a gambling company; 2e. intentionally holding or giving the opportunity to play gambling to the public, or deliberately interfering in the company for that, even though there is or is not an agreement or in any way to take advantage of that opportunity. 3e. participate in gambling for a living.

In the ITE Law, the affirmation of the prohibition of online gambling is contained in Article 27 Paragraph 2 which reads; Everyone intentionally and without rights distributes and/or transmits and/or makes accessible Electronic Information and/or Electronic Documents containing gambling content.

-With various prohibitions and potential penalties for gamblers, what is behind the rise of online gambling?

It is undeniable that the forms of online gambling are becoming more and more varied. Starting from card games that rely on player skills to slot machine games that rely purely on luck.

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The number of variations of the game will more or less affect the number of online gamblers. Moreover, the current pandemic is forcing people to stay at home. Feelings of boredom that arise while at home are very likely to lead someone to try online gambling to ‘spend free time’.
In addition, the advertisements used to promote online gambling always convey the impression of ‘easy profits’. The presence of online gambling that promises ‘easy profits’ in the difficult economic conditions of society due to the pandemic is like an oasis in the desert. The dream of an established and affluent life encourages a number of people to try online gambling as an alternative to fulfill their needs.Online gambling provides the perfect combination of entertainment and profit. Difficult circumstances and dreams of an affluent life drive a number of people to try and end up getting entangled in a vicious cycle of gambling. It’s good to recall fragments of Rhoma Irama’s song lyrics, Whatever the name and form of gambling, all are heinous deeds. Whatever the name and form of gambling, don’t do it and stay away.